Making the bracelets takes me back to my roots, being born and raised in the very north of Sweden, about an hour from the Arctic Circle. The Saami people, Laplanders, are the natives of the Nordic countries.  For several centuries the Sami people has made jewelry of reindeer leather, pewter and antler. I base my Lapland bracelets on their traditions but use a new technique, new designs and new colors. I make my Lapland bracelets by handof high quality vegetable tanned reindeer leather, hand twinned pewter thread (nickel free) with 4% silver added to it and reindeer antler button.  Some models have 14 kt gold pleated beads, sterling silver beads or threads of copper. Each bracelet takes me 3-10 hours to make.

I've been living in sunny Colorado since 20 years ago and sometimes Sweden feels just too far away, especially in these trying times. Making these bracelets brings me closer to home, remembering my family and friends, and makes me proud of putting Swedish Lapland on the map.


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My goal is to have happy customers and to have fun while creating.

Anita Grönstedt